Band Sketches

Posted on Jul 20, 2009 in Art

The folk-rock band I’m in is putting out a CD in a couple of weeks.  When we were brainstorming about album cover ideas, I did these sketches of Kyle and Corbett, the two songwriters of the group.  I was exploring a new style (a la James Jean’s sketches) of simple line drawings done in pencil with a few areas done in delicate detail. Ultimately we decided to go in a different direction, but I’m still fairly pleased with these rough portraits. 

The album will be out on iTunes in a few weeks or you can come to our CD release show to get a copy – Sunday, August 9th, 10pm at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  We are revamping the website, but you can currently listen to some of the new songs over at Facebook.

Here are a couple photos of yours truly in the studio: