Wedding Animation

Posted on Dec 3, 2009 in Animation, Illustration

Last summer, John Kuramoto and I were commissioned to make a short animation for a wedding.  The short was added to a surprise video for the bride and groom which was shown at the reception.  Our task was simple — make a quick retelling of the couple’s origins.

It was a typical story:

Boy meets Girl.
Boy and Girl go on a date.
Girl doesn’t realize it’s a date.
Boy surprise-kisses the Girl.
Girl gets mononucleosis.
Boy and Girl eventually fall in love.

All that shown in 35 seconds.  Looking back on it, I’d say we did a fine job.  The story boards and animation were done by John, and I did the drawings.

Bonus video that I had nothing to do with!
Here’s another animation John recently did for the comedian Patton Oswalt.  The drawings were done by the excellent cartoonist, Brian Musikoff.  I had the pleasure of going with Brian and John to see Mr. Oswalt do a show not long ago at the New York Comedy Festival.  This bit was one of the highlights of the show, and I think the literal animation style makes it even funnier!  (Warning, this might not be entirely appropriate for your work since it contains cursing and some adult humor. Also it might offend your religious sensibilities…)

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