Month: January 2009

  • Second Chance Vance Debuts in 10 Days

      My new web comic, Second Chance Vance, will be making its debut on this website in a mere 10 days.  This dark comedy follows our anti-hero, Vance, and his creator in their parallel quest to shape modern American culture through intimidation and social satire (respectively).  The serialized story will have new updates every Thursday. …

  • Katie at Work



      Graphite on Paper, 24″x18″

  • My Next-Door Neighbor Story

    Smith Magazine has an excellent series going on about next-door neighbors.  As the series editor Dean Haspiel says, ““Everybody has one. And, no matter how close or how far, we all live next to someone, and we all have a Next-Door Neighbor story.”  Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed reading all the stories posted in…