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  • Cami’s 3rd Birthday

    Cami’s 3rd Birthday

    On her 3rd Birthday, Cami was really into the Cat and the Hat, so I did my best version of the Seuss superstar.

  • Hannah’s 2nd Birthday

    Hannah’s 2nd Birthday

    Here’s another drawing I did for the birthday of one of my daughter’s playmates.  This one was for Hannah who was really into Elmo and Abby from Sesame Street when her 2nd birthday came around.

  • Cami’s 2nd Birthday

    Cami’s 2nd Birthday

    As previously mentioned, I have been doing little drawings for the birthdays of my daughter’s playmates.  This one was for Cami who was way into penguins, giraffes, and golf carts on her 2nd birthday.

  • Summer’s 2nd Birthday

    Summer’s 2nd Birthday

    The main reason I haven’t been posting things as often is that I’m now a stay-at-home dad taking care of I rambunctious little girl.  I decided that when one of my daughter’s playmates has a birthday, I would do a quick illustration of something they were really in to at that point in life.  My…