Job Transitions / I’m Back!

Posted on Oct 1, 2016 in Studio
Job Transitions / I’m Back!

You might have noticed my lack of production on this site these past few years. ¬†While I’ve done the occasional freelance illustration job here and there, the majority of my time has been spent as a stay-at-home dad to my daughter, Daphne. Being at home with her was the most rewarding and difficult job I’ve […]

DrawBridge Studio

Posted on May 10, 2011 in Studio

I’ve recently moved into a new studio over in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.  The new studio is called DrawBridge and it takes the space of the former Deep6 Studio.  From left to right the members are:  Simon Fraser, Robin Ha, Tim Hamilton, Yours Truly, and Mike Cavallaro.  Together with our next-door neighbors at Hypothetical […]