Illustrations for Christine

Posted on Apr 20, 2010 in Illustration

I did a couple of illustrations for my friend Christine.  The idea was to do a bio in a children’s story style complete with five or six drawings.  Christine tells great stories (check out her blog), so it was easy to find interesting things to illustrate, and I enjoyed dusting off the ol’ watercolors.  Maybe we’ll do more!

Growing up on a sheep farm…
During her stint as a wedding singer…
Being all sorts of studious…
Arriving in Japan knowing only the phrase “I haven’t seen you in ages!”
Organizing speed dating for charity (coincidentally, for the blind)…


  1. Robert

    Did you use water colors for these?

  2. Michel Fiffe

    These look great! Good way to break in those watercolors.

  3. Chris

    They are indeed watercolors, though I'm not sure what I did wrong because they look a little unsaturated… could be because I bought the cheap stuff.

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