Ares Illustration

Ares God of War

To celebrate the release of his new book Ares: Bringer of War, everyday George O’Connor is posting a drawing of Ares by one of his friends.  I was honored that he asked me at to take part!

I wanted to do an Ares drawing that included his sidekick Eris (goddess of strife, chaos, and discord) since George has that character hanging around in the book.  Hopefully you recognize the joke as an allusion to the famous final scene of Scarface.

Definitely check out the other artist renditions of Ares over at George’s Facebook Page.

I did a very little amount of work helping George flat color a few pages of this new book.  His drawing in this book is fantastic!  It was painfully slow coloring so many individual soldiers in the first battle scene which is probably why I only ended up flatting four pages!

George’s gorgeous line work.
Flats by yours truly.
Ares page 04-05 color small
Final color choices and effects by George. The end result looks stellar!