Category: Animation

  • Popcorn Monster Music Video

    Popcorn Monster Music Video

    I illustrated and animated a music video for the children’s band, Puppet Holiday. Here are some Popcorn Monster character sketches I started out with.

  • Animation Project

    Animation Project

    I’ve been neck-deep in an animation project for the past several months! Here’s a screenshot sneak peak!

  • Wedding Animation

    Last summer, John Kuramoto and I were commissioned to make a short animation for a wedding.  The short was added to a surprise video for the bride and groom which was shown at the reception.  Our task was simple — make a quick retelling of the couple’s origins. It was a typical story: Boy meets…

  • Snake ‘n’ Bacon Now Online… Again

    Head on over to the Adult Swim Website to watch the full Snake ‘n’ Bacon pilot.  Who knows how long they’ll leave it up for viewing this time! Here’s the link:

  • Snake ‘n’ Bacon on Adult Swim this Sunday

    This Sunday night, May 10 at 12:45am ET (technically early Monday morning), Adult Swim on Cartoon Network will finally air the Snake ‘n’ Bacon pilot I worked on last year.  Although the show was not picked up as a series, we still have the pleasure of finally viewing it on the small screen.  It’s right…

  • Quimby the Mouse Cartoon

    Here is the aforementioned Chris Ware cartoon that John Kuramoto animated for the This American Life live show. Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

  • Another Cartoon for This American Life

    I did a smidgen of work for animator extraordinaire John Kuramoto on another Chris Ware cartoon.  The short piece was made for the upcoming This American Life Live show beaming out to theaters around the country this Thursday, April 23rd. Unlike the past two cartoons, this piece was not based on a previously recorded This…

  • This American Life: Season 2 DVD Released

      The entire This American Life: Season 2 DVD is finally available through Borders (for a scant $13.99.)  One can only presume that it will be available at other fine stores in the very near future.  As I posted back when the show aired, I did a little bit of animation work for a Chris…

  • Snake ‘n’ Bacon

    I have once again had the pleasure of doing some animation work with John Kuramoto. This time I provided “additional animation” work on a pilot for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming. The show was written and drawn by Michael Kupperman and based on the characters and stories in his comics. The pilot was a 14…

  • This American Life Cartoon

    I recently had the opportunity to provide some animation assistance to John Kuramoto for an upcoming Chris Ware cartoon on the TV show, This American Life. I have been a huge fan of the radio show for years, listening to the entire backlog while coding at my job at IBM. So you can imagine how…