Hypothetical Island and the F Train Sunset

These past few months I’ve taken over the desk of Jason Little while he’s doing a brief stint on Season 2 of The Ugly Americans.  He is part of the Hypothetical Island studio which is made up of 6 artists including George O’Connor, Joe Infurnari, Kat Roberts, and Reilly Brown.  The room is next door to Deep Six located in the Gowanus part of Brooklyn.  The people are great and it’s been a fun environment.

Not long ago, I shot this video on my way home from Hypothetical Island.  While the studio is only a 30 minute walk away, it’s been brutally cold this winter, so I occasionally take the train.  Incidentally, the part where the train stops is directly above where the studio is.  Other highlights include, the Verrazano Bridge, a jet en route to LaGuardia airport, the Statue of Liberty, and a few of the bazillion churches in the neighborhoods between the studio and my house.  (You may have to go to Vimeo to watch it full screen to see all the details!)

The music is a mix of Lindisfarne I and II by James Blake.