Slow Motion Movies



Here are my first two experiments with the Casio Exilim slow motion camera I got for my birthday.  It’s a fairly cheap camera and therefore only shoots in standard definition, but it sure is fun to experiment with.

The first video I took at my old studio I shared with Nick Bertozzi.  This was in the middle of the summer while Nick was deep inside drawing, inking, and coloring a 380 page graphic novel.  I like to think I captured some of his madness.  The music is by Daft Punk from the Tron soundtrack.

As you can see the low light can look a little grainy so I was excited to take the camera up to Canada where we spent the weekend with friends out on a lake. This footage was much better. The music is from Sigur Ros’s excellent track “Festival”.

And last but definitely least, I filmed a super low quality experiment on my iPhone with the free Super 8 app. I downloaded the app the same day that I got a pair of new shoes and so I thought I’d capture my journey from my house to the studio. You can catch a glimpse of Mr. George O’Connor at the end.


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