MoCCA Wrap-Up

Nick Bertozzi, Nathan Schreiber, and Yours Truly in our old frontier style family photograph.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the MoCCA Festival last weekend.  This year was a great success for me as I either sold out or nearly sold out of all of my new offerings!  Indeed, after selling out of my Clean Streets comics on the first day, I had to leave the Strange Tales Release Party early on Saturday night to go home a make more for Sunday!

My table fully stocked.

Thanks again to Tim Hall for a great partnership on Haberdash Vol. 2!

A book for all ages.

And also a big thank you to Amelia at Sugarbuilt Cookies for her awesome Haberdash-inspired hat cookies.

There were a lot of people with great hats that stopped by the table.
And for all you people that thought the cookies were too beautiful to actually eat:
I believe her actual words were, “Wow, these taste great too.”

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this photo I took on Friday night taken at the First Second party.  The party was on the 10th floor in a room at the pointy end of the Flatiron Building — a great party with a great view!


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  1. awesome!! those cookies DO taste GREAT

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